Bed Bug Defense

Proactive Protection Against Bedbugs

Recognizing the distress and discomfort bedbugs can cause, Proactive Pest Services offers a dedicated Bedbug Defense Add-On. This service is specially designed for individuals who are at a higher risk of bedbug infestations, have previously experienced bedbugs, or simply want to ensure their home remains bedbug-free.

Comprehensive Bedbug Management Approach:

Our Bedbug Defense Add-On integrates meticulous inspections with preventative treatments, employing a variety of effective products and monitoring devices to ensure your home stays clear of bedbugs.

Key Features of the Bedbug Defense Add-On:

• Periodic Inspections: Regularly scheduled inspections by our trained professionals to identify any signs of bedbug activity early, preventing outbreaks before they start. • Preventative Treatments: Utilization of multiple proven products to create a protective barrier against bedbugs: • Sterifab: Acts quickly to eliminate bedbugs on contact, used in areas where bedbugs are known to hide and breed. • Aprehend® Bedbug: A unique fungal biopesticide that provides a long-lasting defense, targeting bedbugs through direct contact over time. • Monitoring Devices: Installation of bedbug monitoring devices to continuously check for the presence of bedbugs, offering peace of mind and early detection.

Why Choose the Bedbug Defense Add-On?

Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate and can cause significant anxiety and discomfort. Our Bedbug Defense Add-On is an essential investment for:

• High-Risk Individuals: Those frequently traveling, purchasing second-hand furniture, or living in multi-unit dwellings can benefit from enhanced protection.

• Previous Infestation: If you’ve battled bedbugs before, our service offers an extra layer of defense to prevent reinfestation.

• Preventative Measures: Proactively protect your home against bedbugs and avoid the stress and cost associated with treating an active infestation.

Benefits of Opting for Bedbug Defense:

• Peace of Mind: Knowing your home is monitored and protected against bedbugs lets you sleep easier. • Proactive Prevention: Our approach focuses on preventing bedbugs from becoming a problem, saving you from potential infestations. • Expert Care: Our team is trained in the latest bedbug control techniques, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment and advice.

Secure Your Home Against Bedbugs Today

Don’t wait for bedbugs to become a problem. Adding our Bedbug Defense service to your Proactive Premium Service Plan is a smart way to protect your home and family. Contact Proactive Pest Services to learn more about this add-on and take the first step towards comprehensive bedbug protection.

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